#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|46th day update

FSA declares the zone between Mare, Akhtarin and KafrGhan  military zone. All civilians must leave until its full liberation.


The map: is not updated with the 3 villages recently captured. It is only posted for the purpose to illustrate the military zone. From Shuweirin, FSA is only less than 9 kms from Dabeq:


FSA took controls of Ra’el, Tal Hussein and Shouireen at the west of alRa’i district.

Picture of FSA Fastaqem in Ra’el  after its liberatio from Daesh: :

FSA Fastaqem in Shouireen after its liberation from Daesh:

Clashes between FSA and Daesh inside the village of Duweiyiq.

FSA is readiying to capture Yahmul and Jazer at the east of Azaz. Pre-emptive shelling on its way.

FSA took over the village of Mareeghal


Rebels controls alFerzieh




FSA controls more villages at the east of Azaz : Duweiyiq and Yahmul and Dalha.Events are going faster than official statements. Let’s wait !

alMutassem heading to storm the village of Shuweirin


Durng the liberation of Shuweirin and Muryghel  .