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Clashes in Aleppo, Hama and Damascus suburbs … and Intensified Airstrikes Reported in Various Areas


Field Report – LCCFierce clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces took place in Aleppo, during which the former could regain control over locations they had previously lost. Other clashes between the revolutionists and Daesh broke out in the Eastern Qalamoun amid intensified airstrikes on the area. On the other hand, the revolutionists caused Assad’s forces huge losses in the northern suburbs of Hama when the latter tried to advance.

LCC correspondent in Aleppo reported that the revolutionists could regain control over several locations at the front of Sheikh Saeed south of the city after Assad’s forces and pro-Assad militias advanced towards it today at dawn. He pointed out that the fierce clashes have been going on since morning.
He added that 3 civilians were martyred and others were seriously injured due to Russian airstrikes with cluster bombs on Salihin neighborhood today’s morning. Darat Ezza city was also under air force attacks.
LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs, on the other hand, said that fierce clashes between the revolutionists and Daesh broke out in the Eastern Qalamoun, which led to the death of 4 opposition fighters. Dozens of Daesh members were also either killed or injured. A young man was martyred during clashes against Assad’s forces in al-Hama area in the Western Ghouta while Assad’s forces targeted the road between Makelbia city and Zakia town , killing a man from Zakia.
He added that intensified Russian airstrikes targeted Khan Sheih Camp and the surrounding farms in the Western Ghouta. Hosh Hammad area, controlled by Daesh, was exposed to similar airstrikes. Assad’s forces targeted Harasta city, the surroundings of Mohamadia town and the farms between Jisrin and Kafr Batna in the Eastern Ghouta with mortar and heavy machine guns.
He pointed out that Assad’s forces set up sand barriers starting from Mlallouk farms to the baskets factory at the front of Makelbia city. They also launched a detention campaign for enforced recruitment at Herna Sharqia neighborhood in Tal area.
In Hama, revolutionists thwarted an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance on the fronts of Kawkab village in the northern suburbs where fierce clashes broke out and ended up by destroying 2 tanks T72, 2 BMP vehicles and 2 4WD vehicles for Assad’s forces. Meanwhile, dozens of dead and wounded among Assad’s forces were reported due to an unsuccessful attempt to advance on the axes of Maan and Granaries area. Moreover, Assad’s forces targeted the cities of Morek and Kafr Zeta in the northern suburbs with artillery and missiles
In Idlib, Assad’s warplanes launched airstrikes with cluster bombs on the villages of Iblin and Abtidita in the southern suburbs. Moreover, the villages of Alkastin, Ghasania, Ain Soda and Adwan in the western suburbs were targeted with similar airstrikes leading to the fall of several civilian wounded. Meanwhile, Mastoma camp was targeted with similar shelling
On the fronts of the northern suburbs of Latakia, Assad’s helicopters dropped 3 barrel bombs on the axes of Khidir village along with Russian airstrikes on the axes of Kabana village and its suburbs in Kurds Mountain amid rocket launchers shelling on the borderline with Turkey by Assad’s forces located on Zahia Mountain
In Daraa to the south, Assad’s warplanes dropped barrel bombs on Dael city and Ibtaa town in the western suburbs. Meanwhile, warplanes raided Daraa Customs Building on Jordanian borders. Assad’s foeces, also, targeted the liberated Brigade 52 in the eastern suburbs
In Deir Ezzor, warplanes targeted the towns of Mreiya and Jafra in addition to the city’s neighborhoods and Hatla town in the eastern suburbs; however, no casualties were reported