#Syria individual reports for 09/10/2016 via LCCSy

Daraa: Daesh launch an attack from #Hosh_Hamad region on #Madoura town in #Lajat region in the eastern suburb, and clash with FSA in its outskirts

Damascus_Suburbs: Assad’s helicopters drop 4 barrel bombs on the eastern farmlands of #Khan_Shih in Western Ghouta

#Homs: Assad’s forces based in #Qirmous checkpoint target #Holeh region in the northern suburb with heavy machineguns and Shilka machineguns

#Latakia: young man Muhammad Omar Baksarawi was martyred as Turkish Jandarma shot him upon trying to cross the Turkish borders. The martyr is from #Bdama town in the western suburb in # Idlib

#Idlib: Assad’s warplanes launch an airstrike on #Tamanaa town in the southern suburb

#Daraa:  Assad’s forces target #Ibtaa town with a Fil missile and #Dael city in the western suburb with missile launchers

Idlib: a martyr and some wounded as a missile shell fell on #Taniba town west of Saraqeb during the clashes between Jund Aqsa and Ahrar Sham

Idlib: young lady Sarah Mgharbil was martyred due to the Russian airstrike on #Ghasania village. The martyr is from #Jablah city

#Aleppo: FSA capture the villages of #Mrighil and #Firzia in the northern suburb after clashes with Daesh in the context of #Euphrates_Shield battle

Idlib: Assad’s warplanes carry out thermobaric missile attacks on #Ariha city and the outskirts of #Maarat_Noaman city in the southern suburb

Idlib: 3 children were martyred as Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on #Zhahiria village in the western suburb

Aleppo revolutionists’ battalions thwart an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance on #Bostan_Basha and #Oweija neighborhoods to the north of the city causing them heavy losses in terms of deaths and weapons

Idlib Russian warplanes launch heavy airstrikes on the villages of #Alkastin #Ghasania #Ain_Soda #Adwan in #Jisr_Shougjour suburbs in the western suburbs and civilian wounded were reported
#Latakia Russian warplanes target the axes of #Kabana village and its suburbs in addition to #Kinda village in #Kurds_Mountain with more than 5 airstrikes

Latakia Assad’s helicopters drop 3 barrel bombs on #Khidir village axes in #Kurds_Mountain

Damascus_Suburbs Mouhammad Ali Razouk, from #Zakia town, was martyred due to Assad’s forces shelling on the road between #Makelbia city and #Zakia

Hama revolutionists thwart an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance on #Kawkab village in the northern suburbs where fierce clashes broke out and ended bu destroying 2 tanks T72, 2 BMP vehicles and 2 4WD vehicles for Assad’s forces

Idlib Assad’s warplanes, in participation with Russian warplanes, target #Mastoma_Camp after conquering it by Ahrar Sham and other factions and the withdrawal of Jund al-Aqsa
Hama dozens of martyrs and wounded of Assad’s forces and pro-Assad militias were reported while they were trying to advance at the axes of #Maan and #Kawkab villages and #Granaries area in the northern suburbs

Idilb Assad’s warplanes launch several airstrikes with cluster bombs on the villages of #Eblin and #Abtdita in thr southern suburbs and no casualties were reported

Damascus_Suburbs Assad’s forces set up massive barriers from Mamlouk farms till the baskets factory in #Makelbia city while the curfew is still imposed on the city and the only road accessible is Danoun road to allow the employees, students and the residents of #Tiba town out

Damascus_Suburbs Fawaz Qaeouk, known as al-Asmar, was martyred during clashes with Assad’s forces at #Alhama area in the Western Ghouta

Damascus_Suburbs warplanes launch 4 airstrikes with cluster bombs on #Khan_Sheih camp and the farmlands around it in #Western_Ghouta

Damascus_Suburbs: 4 martyrs were reported due to clashes between the revolutionists and Daesh at #Qalamoun_Sharqi, which led to the death of dozens of the latter as the revolutionists thwarted their attack launched from #Bear_Afaee and #Ishara_Mountain axes

Damascus_Suburbs Assad’s forces target the neighborhoods of #Harasta in #Eastern_Ghouta with mortar shells

Damascus_Suburbs Assad’s forces target the surroundings of neighborhoods#Mihammadia town and the farms between #Jisrin and #Kafr_Batna in the #Eastern_Ghouta using heavy artillery

#Aleppo warplanes target #Darat_Ezza city with cluster bombs

Damascus_Suburbs Assad’s forces intensively deployed in #Herna_Sharqia neighborhood in #Tal initiating a detention campaign for enforced recruitment

Daraa Assad’s helicopters drop barrel bombs on #Dael city in the western suburbs

Latakia Assad’s forces, located at #Zahiya_Mountain, target #Turkmen_Mountain on the Turkish borders with rocket launchers

Daraa Assad’s helicopters drop barrel bombs on #Ibtaa town in the western suburbs

Damascus_Suburbs warplanes, believed to be Russian, launch several airstrikes on Daesh-held #Hosh_Hamad area

Hama Assad’s warplanes launch several airstrikes on the city of #Kafer_Zeta in the northern suburbs

Aleppo revolutionists regain several points in #Sheikh_Saed front to the south of the city that had lost to Assad’s forces and loyal militias this dawn

Daraa Assad’s forces target the #Hrak city and the liberated Brigade 57 in the eastern suburbs with artillery

Deir_Ezzor warplanes launch 7 airstrikes with cluster bombs on the towns of #Mreiya in addition to the city’s neighborhoods





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