#Syria|Mulham Akidi of Fastaqem-Aleppo siege-Next battle soon w/groups under one command and in one military operation room

Excerpts :

He reminds the different phases:

  1. The regime moved from Division 80 – Sheikh Najjar and took over the Central Prison.
  2. Regime has been attempting to besiege Aleppo for two years and faced a fierce resistance.
  3. After Russian intervention, the regime intensified its attacks to besiege the town. The battle started from three axis : 1) Handarat camp – AlMallah Farms – Bani Zaid.  The battles lasted 40 days and during those battles, the regime lost no less than 800 men, dozens of tanks and launchers, but at the end it was able to progress and took over alMallah farms after 10 attempts, Leramon, Bani Zaid and Ashrafiye. Castello road was closed and Aleppo was undersiege.

Factions inside and outside Aleppo have been organized and were expecting the siege of Aleppo. They coordinated and reorganized to start a battle against the regime in one of its strongest and most fortified citadel in Ramussa. Regime could not imagine that “we will take over the Academies”. The Mujahidins were able to take them over  in few days.

This victory was neither strategic nor symbolic and nor against an organised army. This victory broke Russia might as a Great Nation. Russia was defeated by rebels who fought at all the axis in Aleppo.  Why ? When Aleppo was sealed off, Russia Commander in Hmimim announced the siege and not Assad’s Army spox. This means when rebels broke the siege of Aleppo, they defeated Russia MD and Russia military might. Russian officers who are conducted the battle lost their minds. They began to launch waves of militias towards the Academies regardless of the losses. Russians only goal is to regain the Academies and their military might image. No one could imagine that the regime would lose no less than 1500 fighters among them 100 officers among them Major Generals and Brigadier Generals.

Did the regime storm Homs ? Did the regime storm Daraya ? The regime is weak in urban wars because its only force is the Air Crafts (AC). In urban war, ACs are useless. The battle is fighter against fighter. The battle will be with equal arms : weapons against weapons. Rebel who fight for his country, family and religion against a foreign mercenary whose aim is to occupy the land. Yes,  the regime took over the open areas such Khandarat, Acadameies, .. but he is unable to progress toward alAmiriya, Kashkul and old Aleppo city and Sheikh Saïd.

“I tell you that no force on the face of the world is able to control the city of Aleppo because those who defend the city are its people who are defending first their wives, children, homes …”

This is the summary of the military situation.

Assad’s and RU AF are unable to bomb the rebels defense lines. They are bombarding spots where there are no rebels’ defense spots :  the market, the power plant in alSakhur, water plant in Nayrab.  This has made realize the enemy, before the rebels did,  that there is a true unity on the ground and it is a people who is fighting the regime, and not the opposition forces as it has been mentionned in the western medias. Assad’s brought to Syria all theinvadors to occupy this land and fight a people. Today, FSA is not fighting to defend the FSA. Today,

“we as syrians who include FSA, clerics, politician, civilians, rescuers, local coucil, etc., are defending our right to exist.”

There was a battle in Sheikh Saïd who ended an hour ago before this speech. 12 prisonners have been caught, more than 70 killed. How many syrian has been made prisonner ? None. All the prisonners are Iraki Nujaba (Jubana). Few years ago, the same iraki Nujaba carried out massacres against the loyalists in Msfeira. Those Irakis don’t care if one is loyalist or not. They  only came to kill the sunnis. This battle has become a battle of existence

[ “we refuse to be enslaved by the shias, our daughters to be taken “girls of confort””, etc. ]

Next Aleppo’s battle is a battle of existence. A battle for a free city with the Revolution flag. We will not be defeated. If we were defeated, it will not before we would have killed thousands of them.

Next battle is soon with groups under one command and in one military operation room. Coordination with all factions outside of Aleppo. He calls for full mobilization in the city.