#Syria|June AlQsa executes 13 of Ahrar in Idlib south

Jund al Aqsa has excuted no less than 10 in Kfarsanje , south of Idlib Province, before withdrawing.


They all killed in cold blood a bullet in the head (picture horrible to watch and I refuse to display it)

Abu Muhsen al Khalidi who welcomed Jund al Aqsa founder, Abu Aziz alQatari in his home.

Few years ago, Daesh killed Abu Rayan from Ahrar and who was a doctor.


We have been telling you for 209 days that Jund of Snake is Daesh tale in our region.


Jund of Snake (Snake army), time of punishment has arrived

Jund al Aqsa attacked Ahrar group in Tleysya and killed a number of them.

16 factions who have been formed  at the beginning of the revolution have sided with Ahrar against Jund al Aqsa. (see post and my twitts).

Who is Jund Al Aqsa (JAQ) ?

Series of twitt by Sheikh Mussa alGhannami

  • It is a small group of 800 to 1200 members. Half of the members are syrians, the rest are foreigners from the Gulf and Morocco.
  • The Commander and the Shar’i is a Saudi  – Abu Zir alNajdi – who was jailed in KSA.
  • Jund alAqsa was affiliated to JFS (Former Nusra) when they entered Syria. Half joined Daesh and the others stayed.
  • JAQ left Nusra when clahses in the East with Daesh started by order of the kuweiti who financed the group.
  • After they left former Nusra, their ideology was stemmed by both AQ and Daesh.
  • The majority members of Daesh have pledged allegence to Daesh, they never denied it.
  • After Daesh was expelled from the north of Syria, JAQ sought security with JFS.
  • Former Nusra attempted to pressure them to make allegience, JAQ sought allegiance to alWahishi in Yemen.
  • This makes them answer to the question : to who you have the bay’a ? They will answer to AQ in the Arab Jazira, and get a Kuwaiti to finance the group and support it with men.
  • Inside the group, the members are not allowed to mention the fight between the former Nusra and Daesh. They describe as a seddition identical to the fight between Ali and Mu’awiya.
  • Between them, they favour Daesh because it is one body and one authority.
  • Abu Zer al Najdi has declared that Daesh are not Kharejites and the factions that fight with. He said : I fear to state it because many will leave the group and I will lose several fronts.
  • Jund al Aqsa is part of JAF and unfortunatly all JAF operations and movements are known by Daesh first through JAQ.
  • When JAF factions met to decide if they should fight Daesh in North of Aleppo, all voted in favour but JAQ that treatened to leave OR, on the ground that JAF objective,  when it was created, is to fight the regime.
  • After that event, JAF clerics met with JAQ clerics to discuss of Daesh distorted ideology.
  • They said that cannot declare the collaboration of  Daesh as apostasy because JAF too collaborates with FSA and the NC.
  • JAQ has become the back door to join Daesh. As a JAQ member, he would be free to join Daesh anywhere in Syria. And factions will not arrest him because he is JAQ members.
  • Syrians nicknamed JAQ “Raqqa Garage”.
  • Daesh benefited a lots of JAQ. It could recruit from other members’ factions to provide it with informations.
  • This lead a group inside JAQ to refuse JAQ to delcare its affiliation to Daesh.
  • JAQ is also nicknamed “Jund alAf’a” Army of snake.


Series of twitt by Sheikh Mussa alGhannami

كتبه الشيخ موسى الغنّـامي


These tweets have been collated in https://justpaste.it/jppdf/mmkv