#SYRIA|Ahrar Spox “Armed Revolution groups fight extremism out of principle not opportunisnm”


1/5 Armed Rev. Groups don’t wait for orders or arms from abroad to fight extremism. We do so out of principle not opportunism #AhrarAlSham.
2/5 Armed Rev. Groups took on #ISIS in 2013 and today we take on their surrogates. We will rid our revolution of extremists & infiltrators.
3/5 Armed Rev. Groups have rallied with #AhrarAlSham fighting against Jund al-Aqsa. Our victory will come through decisive & unified action
4/5 While the world is considering frivolous unrealistic strategies against “terrorism”they are overlooking its main source in Syria: #Assad.
5/5 As Idlib and Hama are being cleansed of #ISIS linked groups, #Assad & Russia are killing civilians and causing extremism.