Rami Jarrah writes on his FB page

but if taken seriously serves the Assad regime’s strategy with eyes wide shut.

In a public message yesterday the UN envoy to Syria said the following after expressing his desperation towards saving the civilians of Aleppo from further destruction:

“and therefore I’m asking, publicly, Lets start with al Nusra. We don’t talk to each other, you know it we know it. But can you please look at my eyes; and those of the Aleppo people of the 275,000 civilians that are there where you are, and confidently tell those 275,000 people that you are going to stay there and that you remain there and keep hostage (the people) with your refusal to leave the city because 1000 of you are deciding on the destiny of 275000 civilians. I would like you to reply this question not to me but to those 275,000 people. And if you did decide to leave, in dignity and with your weapons, to Idlib or anywhere you wanted to go, I personally, am ready physically to assist you”

Yes, very emotional and seems somewhat dedicated. But apart from the fact that Demistura’s personal assistance would offer nothing to the people, a rebel group or what is considered a “terrorist group”; and sounds more like a balloon statement that someone would make just before they forwarded their resignation;

but appealing to a group on the ground to leave its location, with its weapons, to somewhere else in the country and in this case “Idlib” was mentioned, is exactly the plan that the Assad regime was able to negotiate and enrol in Damascus and Homs, these were not solutions to protect civilians, these were considered Assad victories because they did not only escort the fighters but the civilians as well, because the civilians themselves oppose the Assad regime and are in no way willing to live under its rule, plus Demistura speaks with his hands in his pockets and does not offer any guarantees to the people of Aleppo that if the “1000 fighters” he mentions leave, the bombing will stop, he has neither Assad’s word nor the Russians (and will not get those words). Because when it comes down to it Mr. Demistura knows perfectly well that the constant bombing of Aleppo and mind you many other parts of the country has nothing to do with the presence of a few fighters.

In late 2015 through to early 2016 I personally covered the Russian and Syrian airstrikes on the city of Aleppo and at the time the excuse was the presence of ISIS, this is why our reports where focused on the whereabouts of the group and were developed to shed light on the reality that ISIS was in fact nowhere in sight in Aleppo. But the bombing campaign was lethal and went on even with perfect knowledge that that group was not there. Amnesty and Human Rights Watch went on to release thorough reports documenting that these airstrikes were in fact on civilian homes, Bellingcat research institute pointed out the fabrications and clear lies of the Russians by collecting data and imagery forwarded by the Russian state itself and its defence ministry of the targets it was carrying out attacks against and that they were in fact civilians in Aleppo and not Terrorists in Al-Raqqah.

So once it became perfectly apparent to the outside world that ISIS was not in Aleppo and that these attacks were harming primarily harming civilians, the Russians began identifying other groups as terrorists, I say the Russians leaving out the Syrians here because to this day the Assad regime continue to express their intention on eliminating all of those that oppose them and have not settled their wishes on anyone one or two groups.

So this proposal by the UN special envoy to Syria, if it is infact a proposal should include actions to be taken by more than just calling on Jabhet Fatah al Sham to leave Aleppo but also guarantees from the Syrian regime and Russia that they will stop the bombing in return, and with all the evidence that goes to show that the bombing has nothing to do with this group makes this a childish and empty proposal and that if it were actually carried out would serve nothing but the will of the Assad regime, which is to continue to stall, divide and radicalise its opposition to justify further horrendous action against its own people.

A situation that seems so complex is utterly and quite frankly very simple. Assad and the Russians want to eliminate any opposition to them, they will stall, they will use excuses, they will continue to bomb until that is the reality, unless there is a firm and honest approach of recognition by the international community that Assad has an opposition that has the right to political representation and the participation in the future of the countries political arena and that any attempt at preventing that through force that leads to massacre of disturbingly large numbers of civilians is in total violation of international law. If the problem is that there is no one to take action against these violations, then it would be much more mature to just admit that, rather than twisting ethics to get the “job