#Syria| Idlib|Tensions between Ahrar and Jund alAqsa

The recent tensions started with the abduction of  Ali Issa by Jund alAqsa, yesterday.

Ali Issa is in charge of road security in Saraqeb area. A day before his abduction, he stopped a vehicle transporting a large number of Daesh muhajirins. They were accompanied by a member of Jund alAqsa who is the smuggler and affiliated to Daesh. This cell was arrested.

After that arrest, yesterday at 10:30 pm, a group of unidentified individuals attacked the house of Ali Issa and attempted to arrest him. Ali Issa called his brother next door for help. The group shot as well the brother with 3 bullets as a woman.

They were chased until Sarmeen. In Sarmeen, they learned that the vehicle was inside Sarmeen Court.

First, Jund al Aqsa denied to have abducted Ali Issa. Then they changed their story after Ahrar attestd some of their members an admitted that Ali Issa is in their custody and asked an exchange of prisonners between Ali Issa and Daesh members jailed by Ahrar.

As a White Helmet, Ali monitor the  road safely by removing the land mines He also dismantled a great number of landmines and explosive devices.  He has also dismantled no less than 5 000 cluster bombs. He is very well appreciated and loved by the people of Saraqeb for his work.

The story : https://s04.justpaste.it/pdf/z2cb-justpaste-it-578691.pdf

Ahrar gives 24 hours to Jund alAqsa to release the prisonners and confirms that Jund alAqsa is involved to secure Daesh cells in the north.


Ahrar has mobilized a group of fighters under Muhammad Munir command (Dabbus alGhab) and send them to the locations where the clashes are happening in Idlib South Province.

On the other hand, JAQ who took 4 of Ahrar prisonners stated that Ahrar should release the prisonners including its member affiliated  to Daesh, and Ahrar to obstruct Hama rif Battle.


Report also say that this group is behind planting land mines and assassination.

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