#Syria|Hama battle rif|#FSA opens the North west front

  • Jaish alEzzat reopened the western front and starts the pre-emptive shelling of Shalyut, Tal Malah and Dahra barriers


  • Rebels destroyed a regime T72 on Tal Malah with a TOW.


  • Rebels target the Assad’s militias in Deir Mharde barrier.


  • Regime colonel Mahdi Mubarak killed in Deir Mharde.


  • Assad’s militias shell Ma’an, Telysiya, Kawkab and Khanifis.

In the southern rif :

  • Clashes at Sutayhat in the southern rif.
  • AC attacks on the villages of Zakat and alArbaeen.
  • AC attacks on the outskirsts of both al Zakat and Latamne.
  • AC attacks on Kafr Zeita and Latamne with cluster bombs.
  • AC attack on tht small town of Aqrab in the south of the Province.