#Syria|Battle 4ذات_الرقاع in Damascus rif| 130 Assad’s militias killed in 29 days

Jaish al Islam spox told  that the regime has incurred massive losses within 29 days of the battle in E. alGhota, as they attempted to control Tal Kurdi, Hush alFara, Hush Nasri, and stopping civilians to benefit from the farmlands as they adopted the scorche earth policy.

  • Total number of regime killed and injured : 275
  • Total losses in military gears :
    • 6 tanks destroyed and damaged.
    • 4 BMP destroyed and damaged.
    • 6 Trucks destroyed an damaged.
    • 2 Anti AC carriers destroyed.
    • 1 Gunfield 557 destroyed.
  • .Jaish Islam losses within 29 days :
    • 14 of Jaish al Islam mujahidin reported killed.
    • 1 T72 damaged.
    • Lost of Signals Rahbat 533 in Rihan after the regime carried out 350 air attacks, 2 attacks per day, shelled 5000 gunfield shells resulted in burning the soil.
  • Assad’s militias failed to capture Hush alFara and Hush Nasri.
  • The battle by rebels to capture the Chemical battalion is continuing.
  • Assad’s militias has always been at Douma border : Al Wafidin camp. There has been always skirmishes. The media focusing on that issue is to put more pressure on the residents.


From arabic in Syria Mubasher.