#Syria news brief for 05/10/2016 via LCCSy

Assad’s Losses in the Suburbs of Damascus and Hama…and Intensified Airstrikes on Makelbia Town

Field Report – LCC

The Russian warplanes continued their airstrikes on the neighborhoods of besieged Aleppo and its suburbs while Assad’s forces tried to advance towards these neighborhoods. Meanwhile, fierce clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces took place at the suburbs of Damascus and Hama leaving grave losses among the latter.
LCC correspondent in Aleppo reported the death of 6 civilians due to Russian airstrikes on Reef Mohandiseen area in the northern suburbs.
He added that the revolutionists claimed thwarting an attack by Assad’s forces on Sheikh Saeed area south of Aleppo and caused them losses in lives and weapons after clashes that lasted till today’s early morning.
Assad’s forces, on the other hand, targeted Anadan city, Hayyan and Bayanoun towns with artillery shells, which led to the death of a civilian and the injury of others.
LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs, however, said that the revolutionists announced blowing up a tank of Assad’s forces and capturing 6 of them at Wadi area west of Makelbia town at the surroundings of Derkhabia area amid fierce clashes between the two parties. Moreover, they regained several locations across the entire area.
Fierce clashes between the two parties took place at the surroundings of Makelbia town as well when it was fiercely shelled.
He added that a child, from Kfeir Zeit village in Wadi Barada, was shot dead by
Assad’s snipers. Furthermore, Assad’s forces, located at the checkpoints surrounding Makelbia town, closed the entrances to it preventing anyone in or out.
Moreover, Assad’s helicopters dropped 24 barrel bombs on the town of Miqeilbia in Western Ghouta along mortar shelling on the town
Two more barrels were dropped on clashes areas in Deir Khibia in Western Ghouta
Meanwhile, Russian warplanes launched airstrikes with cluster bombs on Khan Shieh camp in Western Ghouta
Meanwhile, Assad’s forces targeted the city of Alhama in Western Ghouta and Khan Shieh camp with Fil missiles and artillery shells which caused massive fires
LCC reporter in Idlib said that Assad’s warplanes raided Tananaa town in the southern suburbs
Meanwhile, Russian warplanes targeted a school in Mozra village in Jabal Zawia. Moreover, the outskirts of Khan Sheikhon were targeted with similar airstrikes
In Latakia, on the other hand, Russian warplanes raided the axes of Kabana in Kurds Mountain in addition to Kinda village using napalm bombs which caused massive fires in the area along with fierce artillery and rocket shelling on the village. Moreover, Talet Khidir axes were targeted with similar shelling
Meanwhile, Assad’s forces targeted the villages of Tifahia and Birnas in Kurds Mountain with artillery, according to LCC reporter.
On the other hand, the revolutionists could liberate 3 checkpoints at Mazeraia area in the western suburbs of Salamia city in the southeastern suburbs of Hama.
The clashes left several members of Assad’s forces dead. Also, the revolutionists could seize various types of weapons and munition.
In the same context, clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces took place when the latter tried to advance towards Khema checkpoint south of Shaatha village in the eastern suburbs of Hama, which led to the death and injuring of several of them.
On the other hand, warplanes targeted Breighith and Toloul Homr villages in the southern suburbs with thermobaric missiles. Shaatha, Taleesia and Karah villages in the eastern suburbs were similarly shelled.
Morek and Kafr Zita cities in the northern suburbs were exposed to Russian airstrikes.
In Deir Ezzor, fierce clashes broke out between Assad’s forces and Daesh at the surroundings of Jafra town and the Military Airport while the area was being shelled with artillery.
Meanwhile, sporadic clashes broke out on the outskirts of Panorama and Sinaa neighborhood since early morning according to a local source
On the other hand, planes dropped parachutes with food supplies on Assad-held areas in Deir Ezzor which are besieged by Daesh members.