#Syria|HolocaustUpdate|The rebels frontlines are holding

  • Al Kindi

The rebels stopped the Assad’s militias at alKindi where the latter were unable to stay long because the rebels shelling on the area. The latter can monitor  the area during the day and stay sometimes.

  • Bustan alBasha

Rebels recaptured all the points from Assad’s militias in addition they also grabbed arms and killed 20 of them whose bodies have been taken to the rebels area.

  • Suleiman alHalabi

Rebels recaptured the water company and grabbed arms. They took 2 Assad’s militias prisoners. They also took quantity of food and dozens of them. They did not capture the  Qaran barrier because it was destroyed by a friendly fire.

The old city fronts and Karam Jabal : the situation is excellent. This means, rebels foiled the fiercest  attacks on Aleppo neighborhoods by making Assad’s militias feel desperate to be unable to control Aleppo neighbourhoods.

  • Assad’s militias pulled out from Aleppo to Hama. The convoy has been destroyed.
  • Life conditions in Aleppo under siege is dire : no war, no internet, shortage of food, and bombs fall on the neighborhoods as usual.


Report from arabic by former Aleppo SMC commander: Brigadier General Zaher alSaket on his FB page.