#Syria|Hasaka: PYD arrests politicians and former FSA members

HASAKA (Zaman al-Wasl)- Masked armed groups subordinate to Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) launched during the past two days arrest and storming campaigns of Free Syrian Army (FSA) personnel and defected army officers in Hasaka southern countryside. The arrests extended to groups of civilians and politicians in the eastern and northern countryside, local sources reported.

Activist Ahmad al-Ali said a group of PYD armed men launched arrest campagins in al-Shadadi town and villages of al-Hariri, al-Gariri, al-Awad, al-Gars, al-Sheikh Osman, Adla, and Jarmz Shamali in Hasaka southern countryside. The campaign was after FSA former fighters.

The activist clarified that at least 8 people were arrested in the surrounding of al-Shadadi and most of them were former members of FSA, pointing out that the rumor spread fast between the population that arresting those was to prevent them from coordination with Turkish army in case the army planned a military operation in al-Jazira.

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