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Two Suicidal Blasts in Hama, and Russian Airstrikes Put a Hospital out of Service

Field Report – LCC

Assad’s forces and their Lebanese militant group of Hezbollah continued their fierce military operations in Damascus Suburbs and causing in the fall of martyrs and wounded. The Russian warplanes as well continued bombarding the seiged neighborhoods of Aleppo city, leaving 10 martyrs and a hospital stopped its operations. Two suicidal attacks took place in front of the new building of Baath Party in Hama city.
LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs stated that Russian and Assad’s warplanes launched over 12 airstrikes on Douma city and its vicinity in Eastern Ghouta. The warplanes bombarded as well Khan Shih Camp and Deirkhabia town in Western Ghouta, leaving two martyrs and some wounded.
Assad’s helicopters dropped over 10 barrel bombs on Deirkhabia town and 10 others on Wadi neighborhood in Mqeilabia city.
A child was martyred and his father was wounded as Assad’s snipers based in Republican Guard headquarters, in Ain Fija village, targeted Wadi Barada region. Assad’s forces and the Lebanese militant group of Hezbollah targeted the seiged city of Zabadani and the town of Madaya with tank shells and heavy machineguns. Aioun neighborhood in Alhama city was subjected to fierce shelling with Fil missiles and heavy artillery.
LCC correspondent in Hama said that the revolutionists destroyed a 57 mm cannon for Assad’s forces in the front of Fan Shimali village as they targeted it with an anti-armor missile. They also destroyed a BMB vehicle in Makhrim village and targeted with missile launchers Assad’s forces strongholds based Salhab city in the western suburb.
Assad’s warplanes bombarded Latamnah city, the outskirts of Maan village, the farmlands of Kafarzita city, and the villages of Shaatha and Tleisia in the northern suburb.
Two suicidal attacks targeted the new building of Baath Party in Hader region, where killed and wounded among Assad’s forces were reported as a result, the thing that made Assad’s forces block all the roads in the region and deploying their members Intensively.
In Aleppo, 7 martyrs and some wounded among civilians were reported as Russian warplanes carried out bunker buster missile attacks on a hospital in Sakhour neighborhood, the thing that stopped its operations.
3 other martyrs, including a woman, were reported in similar attacks on Beidin neighborhood. They also carried out similar attacks on the neighborhoods of Kalasah, Bustan Qasi, and Jisr Haj.
In Homs, Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attack on Talbisah city in the northern suburb, leaving wounded among civilians.
Meanwhile, fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the front of Mallouk camp in South Talbisah. However, Assad’s forces targeted Ghantou town, and a martyr and many wounded were reported as a result.
As for Idlib, Assad’s warplanes bombarded Tal Aas village and the vicinity of Kafarein village in the southern suburb.
In Latakia, Russian warplanes launched over 10 airstrikes on the villages of Kabana and Khidir in Kurds Mountain, along with barrel bombs dropped by Assad’s helicopters on Kabana axes and amid fierce shelling with artillery and missiles on the region.
In Daraa to the south, deputy commander of Omri Brigades was martyred, affected by his wounds as an IED, planted by Assad’s forces, exploded yesterday in his car in Lajat region in the eastern suburb.
In Deir Ezzour, International Coalition warplanes bombarded Asharah Bridge in the eastern suburb.