Longing for Zabadani via Damascus Bureau

I can still visualize it in all its cruelty and horror as if it were yesterday. The day I left Zabadani.

The memories still cause me pain and leave me sleepless.

It all started in January 2012. The government promised to launch an offensive against my city, to turn it into rubble and wipe out every living soul, if the demonstrations did not stop and the army defectors did not turn themselves in.

Zabadani is an enchanting city located in the Damascus western countryside, its landscape a combination of valley and mountain. Just 45 kilometres away from the capital, the city is famous for its fresh air, fruit and vegetables – especially its apples.

But the city had rebelled against the regime from the start. The first anti-government demonstration took place in March 25, 2011, and ever since then the city had not wavered.

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