#Syria|#EuphratesShield|960 km² liberated

In a statement, the Turkish General Staff also said a total of 1,657 Daesh targets had been destroyed by over 6,000 rounds of artillery and rocket fire from the start of the operation in late August.

To date, a total of 111 residential areas in 960 square kilometers (370 square miles) of northern Syria were cleared, the statement added.

Three special task force groups of the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) seized control of Uvaysiah, Tal-Atiyah, Cubban and El Eyyubiyah regions on Saturday, the Turkish military added. Two FSA fighters were martyred and eight others injured in Saturday’s clashes.

Almost 80 Daesh targets were also hit by Turkish artillery on Saturday, the statement said. Gun emplacements, small armed groups, three bomb-laden vehicles, four fortified sites with Katyusha rockets, nine sheltering areas and two headquarters were destroyed.

Turkish jets also bombed seven targets in Turkmen Bari, Akhtarin, Ghaytun and Kuaybah, killing four Daesh terrorists. Seven buildings used as command posts and weapon emplacements by Daesh were destroyed.

In addition, coalition forces carried out four air operations in the Guzel Mezra and Suran regions; five Daesh terrorists were killed and four buildings destroyed during the operations.

Source: http://aa.com.tr/en/todays-headlines/turkish-coalition-forces-strike-daesh-targets-in-syria/656688