#Syria|EuphratesShield| 5000 Km² to be cleansed from terrorists and become a safe zone

President Erdogan said, that Jarablus is for the Arabs and 30 000 to 40 000 residents have already returned to the town. It is the result of a collaboration with the syrian moderate forces . He added that he intends to cleanse 5000 km² from terrorists in Nth Aleppo, and makes a safe zone. He did not speak with Prince Nayef about arming the rebel forces with Anti AC.  The US is supporting terrorist organizations such as the PYP to fight Daesh.

Turkey MD said that Turkey will not paricipate to the liberation of Raqqa and Mossul if the PKK. He also added that the US can enhance the FSA and local fighters military means to liberate Raqqa. He expects the battle of Raqqa and Mossul to start in less than a month.