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Russia Continue Bombarding Aleppo and Destroy Field Hospital

Field Report – LCC

International Coalition warplanes bombarded the northern suburb of Aleppo, leaving martyrs among civilians, mostly children and women. Meanwhile, Russian and Assad’s warplanes continued in carrying out intensive airstrikes on several locations in Syria.
LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that International Coalition warplanes launched airstrikes on Dabeq village in the northern suburb, and 8 civilians from one family were martyred as a result. The Russian warplanes carried out cluster bomb attack on Hreitan city in the northern suburb, leaving a child martyr.
He added up that the Russian warplanes carried out after midnight several attacks with thermobaric missiles, phosphorus and cluster bombs on the neighborhoods of Mashhad, Sakhour, Jazmati, Maysir, Jub Quba, Muwasalat, Beidin, Shqeif region, and the vicinity of Jandoul roundabout.
One of the attacks targeted Shawqi Hilal hospital in Jub Quba neighborhood, the thing that stopped its operations.
On the other hand, fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the front of Sheikh Saeid in South Aleppo as the later were trying to move forward, but thwarted.
However, Assad’s forces took over Kindi Hospital in North Aleppo amid intensive airstrikes.
LCC correspondent in Idlib said that Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric missile attacks on Kirsaa village in the southern suburb, leaving two martyrs and dozens of wounded as a result. The outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun city were subjected to similar attacks. The warplanes dropped high-explosive parachute mines on Tamanaa town in the southern suburb.
As for Damascus Suburbs, 3 martyrs, including two children, were reported as Assad’s forces targeted civilians’ houses in Douma city, in Eastern Ghouta, with heavy artillery. A woman was martyred as well in similar shelling on Harasta city.
Two martyrs and many wounded were reported due to 4 airstrikes on the residential neighborhoods of Irbin city in Eastern Ghouta.
Assad’s forces based in Harboun Hill targeted a car on the road of Beit Jin in Western Ghouta, leaving two martyrs and some wounded. The villages of Ifra and Juroud were targeted with mortar shells.
Assad’s helicopters dropped 36 barrel bombs on the farmlands of Khan Shih, Deirkhabia, and Wadi in Mqeilabia, in Western Ghouta, in addition to dozens of artillery and mortar shells.
In Hama, Assad’s warplanes bombarded Zakat village in the northern suburb, leaving two martyrs and some wounded among civilians. Similar airstrikes targeted Latamnah city, Maan town, and the villages of Karah and Kabaria.
Assad’s forces targeted targeted with heavy artillery and missile launchers the villages of Tleisia, Shaatha, and Qahira in the eastern suburb, Zakat village in the northern suburb, and Marj Zuhur village in Sahl Ghab.