#Syria news evening brief via LCCSy

Revolutionists Thwart Assad’s Forces Attempt to Move Forward in Aleppo and Damascus Suburbs

Martyrs in Bombarding IDPs Camp in Idlib and a Hospital Stop Operations in Aleppo

Field Report – LCC
The revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces attempt today to move forward to Khan Shih Camp and Deirkhabia town in Western Ghouta, in Damascus Suburbs, and and to the eastern seiged neighborhoods of Aleppo. The Russian warplanes bombarded a hospital in Sakhour neighborhood and destroyed it entirely. Two martyrs were reported in airstrikes on a camp in Idlib suburbs.
LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that the revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces attempt to move forward to Shqeif region in North Aleppo amid Russian airstrikes and fierce shelling with mortar shells. The neighborhoods of Halk, Haidaria and Beidin were subjected to similar airstrikes leaving a martyr and some wounded. Atshana village was subjected to similar airstrikes and damages were limited to properties.
Russian warplanes carried out two cluster missile attacks and a bunker buster missile attack on the field hospital in Sakhour neighborhood, in addition to 4 barrel bombs by Assad’s helicopters, reporting a civilian martyr and the hospital stopped its operations.
On the other hand, General Administration Services announced stopping pumping water into the city due to the Russian and Assad’s airstrikes on the water stations and the destruction of main network lines.
In the same context, LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs stated that the revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces and their loyal militant groups attempt to storm Khan Shih and Deirkhabia, and that Assad’s helicopters dropped over 20 barrel bombs and 80 artillery shells on the outskirts of Deirkhabia, Khan Shih, Wadi neighborhood, Mqeilabia, and Zakia, while the Russian warplanes launched 7 airstrikes on the outskirts of the camp, leaving 3 martyrs and dozens of wounded.
He also pointed out that the revolutionists destroyed several vehicles on the front of Mqeilabia during the fierce clashes with Assad’s forces, and killed some members among them.
In the same context, Assad’s forces targeted Qadsia city with heavy artillery, and clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the front of Jadat. Similar shelling targeted Alhama town by Assad’s forces based in Ward Mountain.
As for Idlib, 4 martyrs and some wounded among civilians were reported as warplanes launched several airstrikes on Farja camp near Farja village in the southeastern suburb. Ariha city and Bara town in the southern suburb and the outskirts of Maarat Naasan town in the northern suburb were subjected to similar airstrikes.
In Latakia, Assad’s forces targeted the axes of Kabana village and its vicinity in Kurds Mountain in the northern suburb with heavy artillery and missile launchers.
In Homs, a young man was martyred as Assad’s forces targeted Kafarlaha city with heavy machineguns. Assad’s warplanes bombarded Latamnah town and the outskirts of Maan town in the northern suburb of Hama, leaving wounded among civilians.
In Deir Ezzour, warplanes bombarded Sinaa neighborhood. Daesh targeted Assad-held neighborhood of Joura with mortar shells. International Coalition warplanes bombarded Nawam Bridge, connecting the villages of Kabar and Jazrat Bouhmeid in the western suburb, and destroyed it entirely. The warplanes bombarded as well Mouhasan city in the eastern suburb.