#Syria- Hama rif brief

Russian and regime AF have carried more than 50 air attacks with AC and helicopters on the towns of Latamne, Tybet alEmam, Suran, Maardes, on the landfarms of Morek and KafrZeita, and on the villages of Lahaya, Kawkab, Atashan and Zuwar. Most of the air attacks  and the shellings with missiles launchers and rockets were carried out from Jabal Zain al Abidin and Deir Mharde, and focused on Latamne and its outskirts.

Latamne farms were also shelled from the Hama airbase.

3 civilians were killed and dozens have been injured among them children and women. 50 sheeps were killed and more than 50 sheeps have been injured to Bedouins who were on the landfarms.

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