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The Revolutionists Thwart an Attack by Assad’s Forces on Khan Sheih and Derkhabia

Damascus Suburbs – LCC

The revolutionists thwarted today an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance towards the camp of Khan Sheih and Derkhabia town in the Western Ghouta, Damascus Suburbs, amid fierce artillery shelling and airstrikes launched by Assad’s air forces and their Russian ally on various areas, which left dozens of martyrs and wounded among civilians.
LCC correspondent in Damascus Suburbs reported that the revolutionists thwarted today’s morning an attempt by Assad’s forces, supported by Pro-Assad militias and a preparatory shelling with heavy artillery and barrel bombs, to advance towards Khan Sheih and Derkhabia. He pointed out that Assad’s forces blocked the roads of Kobri and Tiba, which led to a massive displacement movement of civilians from the area.
He added that helicopters dropped more than 20 barrel bombs and 80 artillery shells on the surroundings of Derkhabia, Khan Sheih as well as al-Wadi, Makelbia and Zakia neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Russian warplanes launched 7 airstrikes on the surroundings of the camp, which killed 3 civilians and injured dozens.
He pointed out that the revolutionists could destroy several vehicles on Makelbia front while they were thwarting an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance. Many members of the latter were also killed during the clashes.
In the same context, Assad’s forces targeted Qudsaya city with heavy artillery while clashes took place between them and the revolutionists at Jaddat axis. Similar shelling was reported on al-Hama town launched by Assad’s forces, located at al-Ward Mountain