#Syria|#Daraya|9 of Assad’s militias killed and dozens injured when looting homes

Medical source in the military hospital 601 informed Damascus Media Office taht 9 of Assad’s militias were killed and dozens fo them were injured while looting homes in Daraya.
Following those deaths, Assad’s forces has forbidden the militias to enter the town until it is cleared of the explosive devices.
After Daraya residents were forced to leave, the town has been subjected to looting and destructiosn by the Assad’s shabbiha, and the markets at the ourskirts of the town were filled with looted items sold at cheap prices, such as Sumariya, Sahnaya, AlHaras homecompounds, Sabura homecompounds, Ush alWarwar, Kashkul and other plaes in the loyalist areas.
Below pictures show Daraya items looted in Sahnaya for sales