Loses for Assad’s forces in Aleppo and Latakia

Field Report – LCC

Fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in several axes of Aleppo city and Latakia suburbs, leaving major loses among the later. Meanwhile, Russian and Assad’s warplanes launched intensive airstrikes on several locations in Syria.
LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that the revolutionists claimed killing 8 members and captured others among Assad’s forces as they were trying to move forward to Water Plant in Suleiman Halabi neighborhood. Dozens among Assad’s forces were killed and wounded as well in their attempt to move forward to Kindi Hospital in North Aleppo.
The revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces attempt to move forward to Sheikh Khidir neighborhood and the vicinity of Aleppo Castle after clahing with them.
The correspondent added up that Russian warplanes carried out concrete-piercing missile attacks on Beidin and Masakin Hanano neighborhoods, and damages were limited to properties.
LCC correspondent in Idlib said that Assad’s forces based in Latakia suburbs targeted Bdama town in the western suburb of Jisr Shughur with heavy artillery and missile launchers, leaving a child martyr. Wounded among civilians were reported in Russian airstrikes on Abdin town in the southern suburb and Tamanaa town.
The Russian warplanes carried out cluster bomb attacks on the villages of Talaas and Madaya near Khan Sheikhoun city, and phosphorus bomb attacks on Skeik town in the southern suburb.
In Latakia, revolutionists targeted an ammunition storehouse on Job Ahmer axis with cannon 130 and Grad missiles which destroyed a tank and killed an officer and injured several members. Revolutionists also targeted a gathering for Assad’s forces on Atira axis using a guided Fagot missile killing and injuring several of them
Meanwhile, Assad’s forces targeted Kabana axis and its surroundings in Kurds Mountain with rocket launchers. Moreover, revolutionists’ axes in Turkmen Mountain were targeted with similar airstrikes. Assad’s helicopters, also, targeted the village of Kinda in Kurds Mountain with barrel bombs
In Hama, revolutionists’ battalions targeted Assad’s forces locations in Zeinabdin Mountain with Grad missiles. Meanwhile, Assad’s warplanes raided the town of Latamna in the northern suburbs
On the other hand, fierce clashes took place between revolutionists and Assad’s forces on Oyoun axis in al-Hama town along with artillery shelling on the town where a young man was martyred.
Assad’s helicopters dropped 4 barrel bombs on the western farms near Khan Sheih Camp in the Western Ghouta, Damascus Suburbs.
In Deir Ezzor, warplanes launched 2 airstrikes on Shaheel city and Baqras town in the eastern suburbs while the International Coalition air combats launched airstrikes on the bridge in Tareef town at the road between Deir Ezzor and Raqqa in the western suburbs and destroyed it today’s morning, according to a local source.