#Syria|RuAF and Assad’s attacks on #Idlib town and Countryside

  • Air attack on Saraqeb.
  • AC attacks on alMuzra.
  • Air attack on the town of  Tamanaa.
  • RuAF on Skik.
  • RuAF attacks on Khan Sheikhun in the south of Idlib resulted in 3 civilians killed  and some wounded.
  • 4 AC  attacks on Tamanaa in the Sth of Idlib rif, along with a RU AF attack on the town.
  • 3 AC  attacks  with cluster bombs on the neighborhoods of the town of Idlib, and keep flying over the area
  • AC attacks on the town of Jaranaz in the south rif, killing 3 children and 2 women  as a temporary death toll.
  • 2 TNT barrels on Saraqeb city at the of Idlib rif.