#Syria|#EuphratesShield 3| 37 days – brief

TR army has declared to have shelled 50 Daesh postions with 158 artillery shellS and  80 missiles with launchers, in addtion AF attacks have destroyed 2 buildings and one Doshka carrier. It also mentionned that 4 of the FSA participating in the battle were killed durig clashes with Daesh in alAyubiya.

37 days after Euphrates Shield 3 has began :

  • TR army says that FSA took over 104 villages and  910 Km².
  • 28 landmines and 989  hand-made explosive devices have been dismantled.


29/09/2016 is 37 day:

The FSA with the intense backing of TR army and AF, took over  the viallges  Tal Ar East – Tal Ar West – Ziyadiya – Ghurur– Uweilyn-alKhaliliya (according to official statements by Hawar Kilis Operation room).

Map shows the distance to reach Suran,  Akhtareen, alBab