#Syia|EuphratesShield 3| 38th day

The military zone in yellow : Ahtimallat-Suran-Dwayeq – Turkman Bareh-Dabeq- Tilalyn.


FSA has asked the civilians to leave those areas until they are liberated from Daesh control. TR AF has carried out several accurate air atatcks on Daesh gathering in Akhtareen and Turkman Bareh outskirts, which resulted in killing and injuring score of them, along with pre-emptive artillery shellings by the TR Army on villages of Akhtareen, Dabeq, Ahtimalat and Turkman Bareh ahead of the ground attacks. Reports mention that the number of Daesh killed in both air attacks and artillery shellings have exceeded 20.

  • FSA has liberated Ayasha in south of alRa’i


  • Activist and confirmed ; FSA has liberated Jubbyn in south of alRa’i


  • FSA controls the village of Tal Aysha – Sth of alRai (confirmed by Sultan Murad)