#Syria|Hama rif battle expanding eastward to reach 35 km

Jisr TV reports that the battle is expanding eastward

After JFS joined the battle, the battle focused mostly on the NE of the countryside. Yesterday, 3 main alawites villages : Qahera, Sha’athat and Tleysiya. Those villages are known to be a human cradle for the regime.  JFS intends to capture three more villages :  Zoghba, alJunayna and Tybet alEsm. The battle will expand eastward up to “Qasr Abu Samra” which  will create a front line of 35 kms lenght starting from Helfaya westward to Qasr Abu Samra eastward.

As for entering Hama city, Enab Baladi was told that the capture of the city is not on the agenda as long as the mountains of “Zain al Abdin” and “Kafra” have not been taken over and the control of the northern entrance. Those areas are  controlled by FSA Jaish Ezzat and FSA Jaish alNasr and the factions participating to the operation room of “Ghazwat Marwan Hadid”, particularly the town of Khattab and its outskirts, and the town of Qamhana.

The outcome of the battle in the NE will put Hama city at the rebels’ reach from the Notrh and North ouest.