#Syria news reports for 28/09/2016 via LCCSy


  • Russian warplanes launched airstrikes with phosphorus bombs on the neighborhoods of #Fardos and #Salihin injuring several civilians.
  • 6 civilians were martyred and others injured due to Assad’s forces shelling on #Maadi neighborhood using heavy artillery.
  • Russian warplanes launched airstrikes with phosphorus and vacuum missiles on #Halk #Bustan_Basha #Ain_Tal and #Baaidin neighborhoods in addition to #Jandal area in the north of the city, which led to the injury of many civilians.
  • Russian warplanes targeted the besieged neighborhoods of #Salihin and #Fardos with phosphorus bombs.
  • Revolutionists seized several cars loaded with various ammunition in a farm on the outskirts of #Ezaz. The cars were meant to be sent to so called “People’s Protection Units” according to LCC reported.
  • Russian warplanes launched airstrikes with thermobaric and vacuum missiles on the neighborhoods of Sheikh Fares, Sheikh Khider, Masakin Hanano, Maysar, Qaterji, Qadi Asker and Dharet Awwad; martyrs and wounded were reported.
  • 2 martyrs and several wounded were reported due to Russian airstrikes on the neighborhood of #Balat in Old Aleppo.
  • 2 members of the Civil Defense Crews were martyred due to Russian airstrikes on #Bohij village on the outskirts of #Manbej city in the eastern suburbs.
  • Many members among Assad’s forces were killed and wounded in an ambush set up by the revolutionists in the front of #Sweiqa in Old Aleppo.
  • Fierce clashes take place now between Daesh and so-called “Syria Democratic Forces” in #Mistriha village, Southwest #Manbij city.


  • Russian warplanes launched, at dawn, 4 airstrikes on the eastern outskirts of #Khan_Sheih camp and the the outskirts of #Deir_Khabi town.
  • Assad’s forces, located at Madeea Mountain, targeted #Keswa city in the Western Ghouta with a tank shell and the western farmlands area with Shilka machine guns.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped 8 barrel bombs on the farmlands of #Deir_Khabia and #Wadi neighborhood to the west of #Miqeilbia town where 2 martyrs and several wounded were reported.
  • Dozens of martyrs and wounded as Assad’s helicopters targeted Wadi region in #Mqeilba town, in Western Ghouta.
  • Total number of martyrs in the massacre committed by Assad’s helicopters in the afternoon as they dropped barrel bombs on #Wadi neighborhood of #Mqeilabia town in Western Ghouta has mounted up to 5 martyrs, including two children and a woman.
  • Wounded among civilians as Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on #Khan_Shih camp in Western Ghouta amid continuous warplanes flying over the region.


  • Assad’s forces targeted #Dael city in the western suburbs with heavy artillery.
  • Hussam Aba Zaid, field leader of FSA 18 March Division, was martyred in #Daraa_Balad due to an IED explosion targeted his car on #Granaries road in the eastern suburb.


  • US coalition warplanes completely destroyed Eshara bridge in the eastern suburbs. The bridge was the last bridge used to cross Euphrates.
  • Warplanes launched two airstrikes on the vicinity of the military airbase.


  • Assad’s warplanes launched several airstrikes on #Kafer_Zeta city in the northern suburbs in addition to the villages of #Talisa and #Sha’atha in the eastern suburbs.
  • Revolutionists’ battalions destroyed 3 tanks T72 for Assad’s forces on #Sha’atha village front using anti-armor missiles.


  • A stun grenade exploded near Siyahi theme park in Siyahi street, in #Qamishli city center, and no casualties or damages were reported according to preliminary information.


  • Fierce clashes between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the fronts of #Ghantou town, along with fierce artillery shelling by Assad’s forces on #Talbisah city and #Saan_Aswad village.


  • Assad’s warplanes launched several airstrikes with vacuum missiles on #Najiya town and the villages of #Maraand and #Kinda in the suburbs of #Jesr_Shoghour city and land forces, located at the suburbs of Latakia, targeted the area with rockets.
  • child Omar Abdou Zinki was martyred by fire shots from the Turkish territories while playing in Ansar Camp in the western suburb of #Jisr_Shughur.
  • Assad’s warplanes carried out C5 missile attack on #Maraian town, in Zawiyah Mountain, in the southern suburbs.
  • Russian warplanes carried out thermobaric weapon attacks on the vicinity of #Saraqeb city in the eastern suburbs.
  • Assad’s warplanes carried out several cluster bomb attacks on #Maarat_Noaman city in the southern suburbs.


  • Revolutionists thwarted an attempt by Assad’s forces to advance on #Hadada axis in #Kurds_Mountain along with Russian airstrikes, heavy artillery and rocket launchers shelling.(13:00 hrs.)
  • Revolutionists’ battalions targeted Assad’s forces gatherings in #Rabia town in #Turkmen_Mountain with Grad missiles.