#Syria former NC president Ahmad al-Jarba and Actor Jamal Suleiman Meet PYD Commanders in Rmeilan

LCC Exclusive

LCC was informed by private sources that President of Syria’s Tomorrow Movement “Ahmad Jarba”, accompanied with opponent actor “Jamal Suleiman” and other figures, arrived in Rmeilan airfield (65 km southeast Qamishli) yesterday evening by an American chopper, coming from Iraqi Kurdistan.
Jarba met upon arrival with “Ildar Khalil”, leader in Democratic Union Party (PYD), then with leaders in other Kurdish parties under the title of (Syrian – Syrian Dialogue).
This visit complement other meetings with leaders in (PYD) and with an accelerating convergence toward unified political project to federalized Syria as the separatist party demand.
It’s worth mentioning that Ahmad Jarba founded in the beginning of the year an armed militant group under the name of (Elite Forces), consisting of 10 former combatants of the Free Syrian Army and later on other combatants of Jaysh Al-Ashayer (Tribes Army), Assad affiliate, in Deir Ezzour. The militant group worked together with so-called “Syria Democratic Forces” in fighting Daesh in South Hasaka last winter. In the last two months, “Elite Forces” dismantled.