Pro-regime militants cut Homs-Tartus road over drug dealer arrest

(Zaman Al Wasl)- Zaman al-Wasl learnt that the international road between Homs and Tartus was cut for several hours on Tuesday, specifically at the village of Oum Haratin, a predominantly Shiite village, situated next to Homs’ refinery, forcing travelers in both directions to alternative routes.

The road was cut by armed mercenaries protesting the regime’s arrest of a drug dealer from Oum Haratin in an attempt to pressure the regime to release him.

Zaman al-Wasl’s reporter in the area mentioned that the traffic on the road is dense, and it came to a complete standstill on Tuesday afternoon until the early hours of the night. The armed sectarian fighters burnt tires and fired towards the regime patrols, and held hostage three patrol members.

To ensure the road remains functional, the regime threatened the villagers of Oum Haratin with attacking their village and sent the MiG airplanes to fly above the village to indicate the regime’s seriousness about ending the situation and opening the road.

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