Martyrs in Aleppo, and Loses for Assad in Hama and Latakia

Field Report – LCC

The Russian warplanes continued their attacks with thermobaric missiles and concrete-piercing bombs on the neighborhoods of the sieged city of Aleppo, along with persistent attempts by Assad’s forces to move forward to the seiged neighborhoods. Fierce clashes broke out between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the suburbs of Hama and Latakia, where the later were hit by losses.
LCC correspondent in Aleppo said that 6 martyrs and some wounded among civilians were reported as Assad’s forces targeted the seiged neighborhood of Maadi. Two children were martyred as well in Russian airstrikes on Mansoura town in the western suburb. Balat neighborhood was subjected to similar airstrikes leaving two martyrs and some wounded.
Fierce clashes took place between the revolutionists and Assad’s forces in the neighborhoods of Old Aleppo coincided with Russian attacks with concrete-piercing bombs, thermobaric, cluster, and phosphorus missiles, targeting the neighborhoods of Halk, Bustan Pasha, Ain Tal, Beidin, Salhin, Firdous, And Jandal region in North Aleppo, leaving wounded among civilians.
The neighborhoods of Sheikh Fares, Sheikh Khidir, Masakin Hanano, Maysar, Qatirji, and Qadi Askar were subjected to similar attacks. The Russian airstrikes targeted also Bwehij village, in the outskirts of Manbij city in the eastern suburb, leaving two martyrs among Civil Defense team.
On the other hand, the correspondent said that the revolutionists captured several vehicles loaded with ammunition in a farm on the outskirts of Izaz city, and heading toward so-called “People’s Protection Units” (YPG).
In Latakia, the revolutionists thwarted Assad’s forces attempt to move forward to Hadada axis in Kurds Mountain, amid Russian airstrikes on fierce artillery shelling with missile launchers and heavy artillery.
The revolutionists destroyed a 37 mm cannon with an anti-armor missile. They also targeted Assad’s forces gathering in Rabeia town in Turkmen Mountain with Grad missiles, leaving wounded among them, according to LCC correspondent.
As for Hama, the revolutionists destroyed 3 T72 tanks for Assad’s forces with anti-armor missiles in the front of Shaatha village.
However, Assad’s warplanes bombarded Kafarzita city in the northern suburb, and the villages of Tleisia and Shaatha in the eastern suburb.
In Damascus Suburbs, Russian warplanes carried out cluster bomb attacks in the dawn on the eastern outskirts of Khan Shih Camp and the outskirts of Deirkhabia town.
Assad’s helicopters dropped 8 barrel bombs on the farmlands of Deirkhabia town and Wadi neighborhood in West Mqeilabia town, leaving two martyrs and some wounded among civilians. Kiswa town in Western Ghouta was subjected to shelling with tank shells and Shilka machineguns.
In Idlib, Assad’s warplanes carried out thermobaric weapon attacks on Najia town and the villages of Maraand and Kinda in Jisr Shughur suburbs, along with fierce missile shelling on the region by Assad’s forces based in the observatories of Latakia suburbs.
In Daraa to the south, field commander of FSA-affiliate Division of 18 March was martyred in IED explosion in his car on the road of Sawamia in the eastern suburb. Assad’s forces targeted Dael city in the western suburb with heavy artillery.
In Raqqa, fierce clashes broke out between so-called Syria Democratic Forces and Daesh south of Suluk town. Meantime, Daesh targeted the town with 5 locally-made missiles.
In Deir Ezzour, International Coalition warplanes bombarded Ashara bridge in the eastern suburb, causing its demolition. The bridge is the last one connecting the banks of Euphrates river.