Aleppo: Assad Loyalists Party in Regime-held Area as City’s Eastern Neighborhoods Decimated

The scene of Assad loyalists swaying to the tune of “dabka” was not strange for the areas under Syrian regime control, except that it came at a time when the eastern districts of Aleppo city were bleeding and being pounded by dozens of rockets and bombs.

A few meters from destruction and bombardment, a dance party erupted at the Al-Hurriyah club pool in Aleppo’s western districts, and dozens of loyalist pages circulated images and recordings of the party which it described as “the storm.”

Dozens of Syrians criticized the images from the Hurriyah club, with Aleppo activist Mohamed al-Saloum commenting: “There’s no reason for this party. The boredom and depression of war and the sound of explosions — they wanted to change the mood.”

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