#Syria|Regime made no progress toward E.Aleppo

Reuters and other meida have quoted  SOHR that claims that the regime has progressed in the old city of Aleppo and following the news on the regime TV that its militias have progressed nearby the old citadel and took over alFarafra neighborhood.

The rebels have denied claims that Assad’s militias took over one of the neighborhood today Tuesday 27. Yasser Ibrahim alYussuf, Member of Nureddine Zenghi political Bureau,  denied them. He also confirmed to Enab Baladi that the Assad’s miltias failed to make any progress toward axis of the town. He pointed out that their attempts were limited to the Mashru 1070 in additons to several spots in the old city.

On the ground, Rebels foiled Assad’s militias attempts to storm the town from several areas : Mashru 1070 in the south of Aleppo, old city of Alepo and Handarat in the north. After this faillure, the regime publiziced today to mobilize 10,000 miltias men to storm the city from the 4 axis.

Clashes have been taking place in al Suweiqa when Enab Baladi was writing its report.   FSA Liwa Ahrar Souriya confirmed that 5 of Assad’s militias have been ambushed and killed at the Court Palace.  Fath Aleppo confirmed that 6 of Assad’s militias have been killed.