#Syria|Mustafa Sejari #FSA alMutassem Spox “US is against Euphrates Shield”

Mustafa Sejari, Al Mu’tassem Political Bureau Chief, gives a strongword answer to the Fatwa issued by “AlSham Scholar Assembly” that forbids to collaborate with the US. The Fatwa targeted mostly 3 factions : alMu’tassem, Firqat Hamza and Firqat 51. In his answer he pointed out the main dots :

  • This fatwa makes them murtaddin and Kuffar, and gives Daesh the right to kill them.
  • The same wordings have been use in JFS Fatwa.
  • This Fatwa was taken without the knowledge of other Scholars. Some left the Assemby (names).
  • The only legal sources he acknowledges : the Syria Islamic Council and Aleppo Sharia Council.
  • He denies to receive helps from under the table.
  • Euphrates Shield is a battle in the interest of Syrians, Syria and with a strong ally : Turkey.
  • US does not approve the Euphrates Shield.
  • Euphrates Shield will continue.
  • The 3 factions fight for their land. They are muslims and yesterday 50 died in combat.