#Syria|Leaks about the Anti AC to help ease the pressure on US

Reports due to leaks to Reuthers stating that Gulf countries might provide FSA with AAC on shoulder.

The FSA Legal Adviser Ussama Abu Zeid has not given much importance to those leaks because  they are used to alleviate the pressure on the US  and who  resorts to them with the increase of  of Russia Crimes.  He  added that the recent Security Council meetings, and media escalation of the US media against Russia comes within that context, and will not be neihter accompanied by a change in the US behavior on the ground nor it does suggest a change of position against Russia crimes.

He mentionned that he noticed recently a decrease of TOW (ATGM) delivered to the FSA, urging the US to stop abusing the feelings of the Syrians and lift the “veto” imposed on arming Syria Revolution, and stop harrassing the friendly countries in order to prevent them to provide significant weapons.

From alDorar in arabic