#Syria|Hama rif battle update

  • Rebels grabbed 2 regime tanks and 1 BMP in the village of Sha’tat after controlling the village.
  • Rebels take over the Tal alAswad.


  • Rebels pound the Hama airbase with Grad Missiles.
  • Rebels destroyed 2 Konkurs launchers and 2 military carriers with soldiers and amunitions in the village of of al Qahera.
  • Rebels destroyed a Kornet launcher at Tleisya front and pre-emptive shelling ahead to storm the village.


  • Rebels have stormed the Assad’s militias spots in alQahera village.
  • Rebels have taken over the Assad’s militias spots in alQahera village. The village is liberated completely.


  • Rebels shell the village of Tleysiya


  • Rebels destroy a second Konkurs launcher in Tleysiya with an ATGM.
  • Rebels foiled Assad’s militias attempt to return to Sha’tat.
  • TNT barrels on the village of alQahera.
  • Rebels broke the first regime defense line in the village of Tleisya and took over the Tleisya hill.