#Syria|Aleppo update

RuAF and Assad AF carried out airstrikes with all kind of missiles, bombs including bunker busters on Aleppo town and rif. The airstrikes targeted the neighborhoods of al Mash-had. Al Sha’ar in Aleppo. In the rif, they targeted Kafr Hamra, Atareb and Darat Ezzat,  Maarat alArtiq, Hretan, Anadan  with C5 and Heavy machineguns. The air attacks targeted the main roads in Atareb.

Rebels foiled Assad’s militias attack  in Aleppo North : Handarat and Mallah, and in the west of Aleppo at Mashru 1070 and the Jebs market, where intense clashes took place. They also killed 6 of Assad’s militias at the Suweiqa front, 5 at the Court Palace, and targeted the Assad’s militias at Bashkoi with Grads.