#Syria|South Front|Reinforcements have arrived to alSanamein

Large regime reinforcements have arrived to Division 9 in Sanamein – Daraa Nth rif, where activists believe that Russia intends to create an airbase in the region.

The town of al Sanamein is situated in Daraa Nth rif,  is liberated from inside and FSA is inside the town. Several barriers encircled the town, in addtion to some mililtary basis and barracks the most important one is Division 9 and the officer housings.

Actvists told Baladi News that 20 tank carriers arrived to the Division 9 HQ few days ago, and have not left so far. He also added that there are reports that a RU will allegedly create airbase will be created inside Div 9. But he said that he does not believe that it would happen because the military base is at the reach of the FSA fire range and will be a target in the future for the rebels. One FSA commander also told Baladi News that the geographical situation of Sanamein surrounded by mountains does not help.

Regarding the artillery reinforcements that arrived  recently, the same commander expects the regime to open the south front because its forces want to control new areas such as the strategic Tal alHara to open the old road Damascus- Daraa.

Source Baladi News in arabic