#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|update

  • PYD/QASAD have began to withdraw from the town of Manbej toward the East of the Euphrates.

  • FSA thwarted Daesh attack on Athrya to the west of alRa’i in an attempt to recapture it. Several were made prisonners and others were killed.  In the same time as Daesh’s attack, FSA launched an offensive on Daesh positions in Tal Ar Sharqi and Ggarbi  attack, after a pre-emptive shelling followed by clashes which are ongoing.  Along with those clashes,  FSA progressed to the northern side of Tal Ar Gharbi backed by the TR artillery on Daesh positions in Ziyadiya, Tal Ar Gharbi, Turkman Bareh, which resulted in injuring and killing several of Daesh.
  • Daesh shells Mare with mortars and 1 civilian killed.
  • 4 of Daesh killed by IC air attacks.
  • TR Army has sent further reinforcements : tanks, armoure vehicles, armoured carrier guarded by vehicles to the borders with Syria.
  • Activists say that new US Forces have arrived in Azaz.