The #Syria-n “Holocaust” Controversy

by Rami Jarrah on his FB page

if it is not clear by now that in Syria there is a dictator that is carrying out his own version of “purifying the country” and yes with this term I am recalling Hitler, the man who chose to annihilate an “entire” group based on religious identity, but who also murdered anyone who tried to protect them including those he considered as his own “blond and blue eyed population”

Only Assad lives in the modern world where The Holocaust, (as a name) was assigned to the massacre of Jews and is there in the history books for comparison, and so Assad sinisterly connives to avoid a similar downfall to that of Hitlers, and leaves the door open for those who are willing to betray the group of people that he himself wishes to exterminate. This is how Assad presents himself as colourful and avoids accusations of Genocide or oppression based on discrimination.

The term holocaust was first assigned by Winston churchill to the Armenian genocide in WWI, and was later used to describe a mass book burning event that was carried out by Pro-Nazis who considered the books they were burning of an “Un-German Spirit” but holocaust even here was assigned as a term (holocaust) and not as a name (The Holocaust) and the answer is no, these books were not all written by Jews. in fact it is said that 10s of thousands of Jews (that exact group that was being annihilated) would later serve under Hitlers command and some with the German dictators personal and direct consent. It is indeed a taboo in history but one we should not overlook if we wish to better learn from our past and understand our present.

Why am I mentioning all this?, simply because by comparing that paragraph above to what is happening to Syrians today, there is really no need to offer justifications of why we have another holocaust on our hands.

Assad is not only wiping out a group, he is exterminating their voices, their principles and their message. He is using all forms of distortion to confuse those who wish to understand and all the while taking advantage of rhetoric’s/narratives of fundamental extremism and assigning it to his own sinister wishes. This is not all so intelligent “Terrorism” is an easy narrative to adopt these days, and a rewarding one as we have clearly seen.

Both Hitler and Assad are of the very same schoolyard where textbooks and tactics may differ due to the different eras they serve in but the overall intentions are precise in similarity, both are murdering a population based on a belief or an opposing opinion, whether religion in Germany or revolution in Syria (or Vice Versa) the only difference I see between them is that one was a facist monster with no shame of his twisted ethics and the other a dispicable lying piece of shit.

Syria is witnessing “A” holocaust

stop resisting, do the math, its true.

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