#Syria|NC and 33 factions reject Russia as part of the negociation process

  1. Today negociations are meaningless amid the deliberate killing and destruction.
  2. Reject Russia who is a regime accomplice in the deliberate killing of the syrians, as part of the negociations.
  3. Any int’l agreement must include the cessation of all type of attack operations, killing and forced displacement, and lift the siege of all the cities, humanitarian aids will enter under the UN sponsorig, cancellation of all agreements between the regime and the besieged area residents obtained through the slow death threat and forced displace.
  4. Immediate implementation of the UN resolutions who cannot be subject to any negociations.
  5. Regime to go on trial for using chemical weapons under the UN resolution xxxxx
  6. HNC should Invite the NC and faction representatives to discuss the alternative AND possible solutions.
  7. UN to form an inquiry comittee concerning the attack of the humanitarian aids destroyed in Urem alKobra.

Largest factions have signed this statement.

  • South Front.
  • Suqur alSham Divisions.
  • islam Army.
  • Free Idlib Army.
  • Nureddine Zenghi.
  • Shamiya Front.
  • Sultan Murad.
  • Sham Legion .
  • Safwat al Sham battalions.
  • Jaish al Mujahidin.
  • Fastaqem Union.
  • First Coastal division.
  • And others.