#Syria|Fath Aleppo Commander interview


The battle to liberate Aleppo did not stop.  After fierce battles, there is a phase to reassess the situation and soon, God willing, more battles will happen.

[ in answer to claims that Fath Aleppo Operation room and other factions have stopped the attacks before the Ru/US agreement,  which has allowed the regime to regain its strenght and capture the Academies and the Ramussa.]

First the battle after the break of Aleppo siege never stopped  from the moment that the Academies have been liberated by JAF and Fath Aleppo who advanced from alAmiriya and Ramussa. The regime brought to Aleppo worldwide militias. During one month, the battles have become wars of attrition. It is  a tactical stop and not a strategic one, after Fath Aleppo offered many martyrs and destroyed between one to two armoured vehicles per day, forcing the regime not to reach the Academy fences and progress toward the Ramussa.

 [The role of Fath Aleppo Operation room during the battle to break the siege of Aleppo and claims that it’s neglect has lead to Aleppo siege]

First, there was no neglect. The  battle of alCastello started before the battle to  break of Aleppo siege. All Aleppo forces have been fully mobilized with men and gears,  and fought despite the air strikes by RuAf and SyAF, artilley shelling and even unknown AC.

[The role of Fath Aleppo factions  in the battle to break the siege was never highlightened. This  silence lead to believe that they have never participated].

After the Castello battle,  the battle to break the siege of Aleppo began with JAF.  Rebels in Aleppo were then,  fully mobilized and more than 11  factions  participated by names and not as “Fath Aleppo Operation Room” to the battle to break the siege of Aleppo. Some offered a number of fighters, others offered tanks and their gears, according to their military means.  if their achievements were never mentionned because they  couldn’t care less about their role,  and because they entered the battle independently and  by names  from the south.

Fath Aleppo factions has offered all it means to break the siege of Aleppo. The regime attempted to progress toward Handarat more than 20 times and  15 attempts to progress toward alMallah, and all were repelled by the FSA who had to face an army of well armed militias.

Those achievements were never mentionned.

Why rebels left Aleppo to fight Jarablus ? Was it in answer to Turkey’s request ?

The resons why some factions left the fight in Aleppo to move to liberate Jarablus because they care for the unity of the land. The unity of the land is one of the principle of the Revolution.  The interest of the revolution goes along with Turkey  National State Security which gives  it right to protect its border and shose its neighbors. In that case, it has decided the FSA should be its neighbors.  Not defending Jarablus and the north is a treason to martyrs’ blood who  liberated those areas before Aleppo and the revolution principle.  FSA will not renounnce to Damascus, Sweida and not a single inch of the land.

The full  video of the interview:

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Part 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfVS0agusdU&feature=youtu.be