#Syria|Liwa alMutassem Billah and Liwa 51 and Firqat Hamza to the Fatwas

Following the Fatwas by the Assembly of alSham Scholars and JFS, that lable them of “Pentagon units”, outlaw any cooperation with the US and  ask them to dissolve, Liwa alMu’tassim Billah and Liwa 51 and Firqat Hamza issued a statement with 6 dot answers:

  • Reassess their freedom and don’t obey to any foreign countries.
  • Restate their engagements to the Revolution goals.
  • They only recognize the Syrian Islamic Council and Aleppo Legal Council as their sole legal bodies.
  • Restate their engagements to fight Assad and all his allies including the PKK.
  • The fight against Daesh is a fight against opression and criminals.
  • Restate their loyalty to Syria nd the unity of the land.