#Syria|Jaish alIslam’s answer to Russia

Russia said that Jaish al Islam and other factions might be the next targets of the RuAF. Jaish al Islam answered to that threat in below statement.

Jaish al Islam reply to Russia

  •  You  have been  targeting the syrian people with all kind of arms,since you have decided to stand by the warcriminal Assad. You have targeted the hospitals, the markets, the shools with your AC, and lately you have attacked the UN humanitarian aid convoys.
  • Jaish alIslam added

“we part of this steadfastness syrian people and we are  dedicated with other revolutionnary groups to defend this Great People. Our mujahidun will continue to protect them and liberate the country from the  int’l militias who came to kill them.We woud have thought that the Great Nations who are the protector of the freedoms and human rights, they will act to  stop the bloodshed in Syria, but instead are participating to the killing of the civilians  with their AF and block all the attempts to stop this massacre.

  • Jaish al Islam promesses to continue the battle until the revolution goals are achieved.