#Syria|#FSA Sultan Murad Commander speaks about the Euphrates Shield battle

#FSA Sultan  Murad Commander,  Colonel Ahmad Othman, told AJA,that Jarablus was chosen as a laboratory to begin the battle of “Euphrates Shield”, because it is one of the largest town on Syria-Turkey borders, that was controlled by Daesh, and because of its  strategic location. 

Jarablus a Laboratory

During the interview he explained the developments of the battle and insured that the turkish army will withdraw one the military operations are  over.

The strategic importance of Jarablus is because the town is situated between the Euphrates and the Sajur rivers, and its control will stop the Kurdish units to expand toward the NW of the Euphrates.

He stressed out that the Euphrates Shield goals are to stop the Kurdish units expansion and expel Daesh from he North and the east of Aleppo Province.

He pointed out that the Kurdish units have ignored the US and Turkey demands to withdraw to the east of the Euphrates, but on the contrary they reinforced the villages and towns where they have created military operation rooms which are affiliated to them, and claim they have withdrawn.

Securing the area 

FSA has controlled large space of the eastern and western rif and they are securing the area  from Jarablus to alBab (600 kms) before continuing the battle. Displaced have returned to most of the villages and small towns which have been liberated, where local councils and military councils have been elected with no foreing intervention. FSA is readying to move foreward to liberate more viallages and towns.

IC role

He mentionned tha the IC is supporting only few of the FSA forces in the battle against Daesh in the norhtern rif, but its role has diminished after the Euphrates Shield battle has began.

The battle of Raqqa

When he was asked if a smilar operation to Jarablus will be carried out in Raqqa, he did not denie that similar  military plans have been drawn for TalAbyad, but he said that it is too early to speak of any battle of Raqqa  as long as Aleppo Province is not liberated.