#snhr report|Multiple Evidences Indicating that Russian and Syrian Forces Deliberately Targeted the U.N. Aid Convoy in Aleppo

The report, published by SNHR, draws upon the investigation conducted by SNHR team where the Network contacted a number of eyewitnesses, civil defense members, survivors, and local media activists. Additionally, a cooperating individual visited the site of the incident at the request of SNHR after the bombardment ended to take and film private videos. The pictures and videos that we obtained as well as a number of the pictures and videos that were published on YouTube and social media by local media activists showed the huge destruction in the humanitarian aids. One of the pictures was of missile remnants that we believe were Russian.
The report notes that government helicopters and fixed-wing warplanes that we believe that are evidently Russian have took part in a concentrated attack that comprised multiple airstrikes on a center for the Red Crescent in eastern Urm Al Kubra town where the bombardment lasted for three hours. Government helicopters dropped no less than four barrel bombs while the fixed-wing Russian warplanes carried out nine airstrikes at least where missiles and heavy machine guns were used.

According to the report, the bombardment targeted mostly the Syrian Red Arab Crescent (SARC) center and destroyed an U.N. aid convoy of trucks that was supposed to deliver and drop the aids in warehouses belonging to the Red Crescent center. Additionally, the bombardment targeted also medical and civil defense teams that tried to rescue the wounded and injured relief workers.
The report documented that 12 civilians, who were all relief workers and truck drivers, were killed in these attacks. Among the victims were Omar Barakat, head of the Red Crescent in the town. Furthermore, the Red Crescent building in the town was largely destroyed and no less than 10 aid trucks were burned.

Full report : http://sn4hr.org/wp-content/pdf/english/Russian_and_Syrian_forces_bombed_a_convoy_of_UN_in_Aleppo_en.pdf