#Syria|Aleppo Legal Council authorizes rebels to participate to the Euprates Shield Battle

The Aleppo Legal Council confirmed that the participation to the Euphrates Shield Battle with   Turkey, the muslim country,  is a legal   Jihad.

  • The council says that the Jihad of the factions in the north of Aleppo has been ongoing for more than 2 years and most of the rebels factions have been participated. The new in Turkey direct  involment with solidiers and gears to derail the Kurdish state same as Israel with the west support, that will separate the Muslim Turks  from their Arab brethen, when it is known that the battle against the gangs of QASAD  is lead  directly by the  US coalition and Daesh is a proxy run by the coalition.
  • The legal council added that mixing the US-led coalition and the one lead by Turkey gives a misleading picture of the battle, noting that the IC is fighting Turkey overthere trying to isolate it actually from the Arabs and Muslims while claiming to be its friend. The infiltration of some US soldiers to alRai had no other purpose than to tarnish the battle, create confusion and irritate the ignorants. The figthers’s answer and the fact that they drove them out o the vilalge,  proves that they reject any US participation.

This decision comes after the previous Fatwas of the Assembly of AlSham Scholars and JFS.