Local Coordination Committees in #Syria documented the fall of 128 martyrs

By the end of Friday, 23 September 2016, LCC has documented the fall of 128 martyrs in Syria, including 28 children and 11 women.
94 martyrs were reported in #Aleppo, including 23 children and 9 women, most of them passed away due to Russian airstrikes on the eastern neighborhood of Aleppo city, #Bashtaqin village in the western suburb, and Bab city, (East). 21 in #Idlib, passed away during the clashes taking place in the northern suburb of Hama. 6 in #Homs, including 3 children, most of them passed away in the Russian airstrikes on #Rastan city. 5 in #Deir_Ezzour, including 2 children and a woman. 1 in #Daraa. 1 in #Qunaitra.