#HolocaustAleppo – New type of rockets have been used by RuAF

New type of rocket has been fired on Aleppo, that shakes entire area like earthquake & creates craters where homes used to be.

  • in Sept alone, the fighter jets targeted with 82 cluster bombs and 31 banned white phosphorus mentions.
  • 222 men, 36 women, 117 children have been killed in only this month. and continue their massacres.


  • Assad’s helicopters dropped two barrels containing toxic chemicals on Sept
  • In Sept alone, 8 ballistic rockets ” Surface to surface ” targeted rebel-held
  • At least 375 civilians including 36 women&117 children were killed in the intense air raids on
  • The bombing mostly targeted populated areas on the besieged Aleppo,where up to 546 residential areas were under fire
  • 11 industrial areas, 2 medical facilities, 4 mosques and 2 popular markets were targeted by jets in
  • In Sept alone, 3 headquarters, 2 aid warehouses & 3 service centers were also hit by jet.
  • 3 volunteers from the and 2 media activists were passed away due to the bombing on

Syrian Institute for Justice