#Syria|Why Strategically Useless Dabiq Matters to ISIS

Gaziantep, Turkey. About an hour south from here, just over the Syrian border, a small nondescript town called Dabiq is currently held by ISIS. “It’s a nowhere place,” a Syrian activist based here told me today. “I’ve driven through it a few times, but never stopped—why would anyone? I doubt it’s even got a coffee shop.”


But for ISIS, Dabiq has epic importance. It’s spun an impressive mythology about the place, billing it as the site of a future decisive battle against the “Crusaders.” Before the war around 3,000 people lived there, but given the years of conflict it’s thought that few civilians still remain.


Yet it has crucial symbolic value for ISIS. The Prophet Mohammed is thought to have said that “the last hour will not come” until Muslims defeat the Crusaders at “Dabiq or Al-A’maq” before conquering Istanbul.


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